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November 30, 2010
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"Roger?" Brian called from the kitchen.
"Yes Brian?"
"Will you help me with this?"
The blond-haired drummer rolled off the bed, and obediently trudged into the kitchen.
"What is it?" he asked groggily.
"Nothing, I just wanted you up," Brian said, grinning. Roger groaned.
"My head hurts."
"Take an aspirin," Brian told him, gesturing to the bottle on the counter. "You shouldn't have drunk so much last night."
"Who are you, my mom?" Roger whined, downing an aspirin with the glass of water Brian had given him.
"I just care about you, that's all."
"You don't need to. I can care for myself."
"But do you want to?" Brian asked, fixing his brown eyes on Roger. "Life's nothing without friends, Roggie."
"I know," Roger sighed, smiling in spite of himself. He loved it when Brian called him Roggie.
"What're you doing?" He asked Brian.
"Making a cake."
"For who?"
"No one in particular. I just got the urge to bake. You wanna help, Roggie?"
Roger stared at Brian in his apron. He was gorgeous. Of course he would help his friend.
"Sure. What can I do?"
"Hand me that spoon."
Roger picked the wooden spoon off the counter and handed it to Brian.
"You're gonna have to tie your hair back, Roggie," Brian said, eyeing the drummer's gorgeous locks.
"What about you?" Roger asked.
"I'm getting there. Here's a hair tie."
"Where the fuck did you get a hair tie?" Roger asked, amused.
"Two," Brian corrected, holding up another one. "Mary left them last time she was with Freddie. I figured I'd get some use out of them before I had to give them back. Here, do you want me to help you?" he asked Roger, who was struggling with his hair. Roger nodded, and Brian gently pulled the drummer's hair into a ponytail. His soft fingers brushed Roger's cheek, causing his heart to thump wildly.
"There," Brian said, slowly pulling his hands away from Roger's hair. He gazed into his eyes a moment, then quickly looked away, pulling his own dark curls into a ponytail.
"Now we need some eggs and milk," Brian said. "And some oil."
"I'll get it," Roger volunteered. He went to the fridge and pulled out two eggs and a carton of milk. He set them on the counter near Brian and went to the pantry to get the oil. Brian worked quickly and expertly. He added the eggs, milk, and oil to the cake mix and stirred.
"You wanna lick the spoon, Roggie?" Brian asked. Roger's face lit up like a little kid's, and he took the spoon from Brian's hand.
"Mmm, this is good," Roger said. Brian smiled and put the cake in the oven.
"You've got a little on your face, Roggie," Brian laughed. "Here, let me get it."
The guitarist gently touched Roger's chin, tilting his head. Roger's eyes widened as Brian's lips met his.
"There," Brian whispered, pulling his head back slowly. He was blushing.
"Brian…" Roger breathed, unable to believe what had just happened.
"I'm sorry," Brian said, closing his eyes against the stinging tears. "I just got carried away."
"Oh, Brian," Roger repeated, throwing his arms around his curly-haired friend and nestling his face into his neck. "Don't apologize."
Shocked, Brian held Roger, silently begging him not to let go. He shouldn't have worried.
"I love you," Brian whispered.
"Oh, Brian," Roger breathed. "I love you, too." He sighed happily and closed his eyes.
      The two held each other for what seemed like forever, until Brian said,
      "Hey Roger?"
      "Let's go to bed."
      Roger looked at Brian, who was a deep shade of crimson.
      "You mean it?" he asked. Brian nodded. The two then let go of each other and made their way to the bedroom…
To be continued at a later date.

This one's for someone who knows who they are. :XD:
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this is so amazing, it seems so real. <3
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Thank you. I'm glad you think so. :)
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i want another one. I especially love the licking the spoon line, and "life's nothing without friends, roggie." Loved every second of it.
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Wow... this was written ages ago! :XD: I'll see what I can whip up. ;) I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :D
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I love this so much :heart: I just doubted a second at the end, when Bri carries Roggie to bed... I don't know, maybe I see him more like a gentleman, and Roggie more promiscuous, but it is wonderful anyway :)
Mercury-the-Queen Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011
Yay! :D Yeah, I see what you mean... I think that way as well. But I didn't know as much about them when I wrote this as I do now, so... :XD:
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